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Vita Complex Injection

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Vitamin B complex is essential for a wide variety of functions in the human body, Its deficiency can also lead to several disorders including chronic neurological ones Since humans are not able to synthesize vitamins in B complex on their own and these vitamins are easily excreted from the body through urine, their regular intake is essential to maintain energy production, DNA/RNA synthesis/repair, genomic and non-genomic methylation as well as synthesis of numerous neurochemicals and signaling molecules


  • B Complex offers several health benefits (especially in those who are deficient), including:
  • Boosting energy.
  • Controlling food cravings to aid with weight loss.
  • Combating stress & anxiety.
  • Aiding with sleep.
  • Promoting wound healing.

Recommend Dose Intramuscular (IM)

  • 1ml/weekly