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Drip City Lounge

Recovery & Performance (Athletic) Infusion

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Designed to help shorten the time of recovery after an injury and potentially improve athletic ability, this kit includes six treatments of premium-quality compounds that can help promote improved performance and overall wellness. 


  • Decrease recovery time
  • Enhances athletic performance
  • Replenishes essential nutrients 
  • Reduce inflammation 

Key Nutrients

Amino Acid Blend: This blend of essential amino acids can help enhance athletic performance, decrease muscle loss, burn fat more quickly and improve metabolism speed.

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C):  Collagen building, reduces inflammation, ligament and tendon health, mitochondria support, naturally lowers blood pressure

Olympia Mineral Blend:  This essential blend of minerals helps reverse the effects of dehydration, remove toxins and replenish vitamins.

Olympia Vita Complex:  This mixture is packed with B-complex vitamins, which may help keep skin and blood cells healthy and convert nutrients into energy.