What Is IV Nutritional Therapy?

If you’ve recently wondered “What is vitamin IV therapy anyway?”, here’s your source for information. Vitamin IV therapy (a.k.a. IV therapy, IV nutritional therapy, IV nutrient therapy, IV nutrition and intravenous therapy) is a popular type of therapy used for a variety of health benefits. Traditionally, this type of IV therapy has been used to complement patients undergoing cancer care, which was designed to help enhance their health during treatment.

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What Is Vitamin IV Therapy Used For Today?

Today, it’s used more commonly for patients striving for improved health, whether that be to help avoid the next flu virus or simply to have more energy throughout the day. It’s believed to be completely safe, effective and restorative. In a perfect world, we’d all drink enough fluids and get the appropriate nutrients we need every day. However, that’s not always an attainable goal to achieve. Because of this, many people depend on a solution that can help complement a good diet and proper hydration for living as our healthiest selves.

IV vitamin therapy can be very helpful in supporting a healthy, nourished body. Common uses for vitamin IV nutritional therapy include:

– Age Management
– Immune System Enhancement
– Illness Prevention
– Energy Boost
– Detoxification
– Artery Cleansing
– And More

How Is IV Nutritional Therapy Performed?

Vitamin IV therapy is performed by injecting a mixture of potent vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream—providing quick, effective results. Therapy is administered at a medical office under the supervision of a trained medical professional. IV nutrition can also be specially customized to fit the unique needs of each individual patient and should be discussed with a physician prior to receiving treatment.

In addition to prepared kits, we also offer IV nutritional therapy medications that can be purchased and customized separately.

Five Benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy for Senior Citizens

When it comes to the vitamins and nutrients our bodies require to be in the best condition possible, the truth is—we don’t always get everything we need from foods and oral supplements. 

That’s where IV nutritional therapy can come into play. Intended to complement a healthy diet and active lifestyle, this form of therapy may offer a variety of benefits, from improving recovery time after an injury to helping strengthen your immune system.

One misconception about IV nutritional therapy is that it’s only meant for younger adults. But that’s not true! Adults of various ages can experience the many IV vitamin therapy benefits it has to offer. Here are some of the benefits older adults may experience as a result of IV nutritional therapy.

Benefit #1: IV vitamin therapy can help improve your overall well-being.

IV vitamin therapy benefits can range from fewer headaches and improved immunity to reduced anxiety and a variety of others in between. Many patients choose to take advantage of IV nutritional therapy for the benefit of boosting their immune systems. 

For older adults and people with serious underlying medical conditions, maintaining a healthy immune system is important now more than it ever has been

Benefit #2: IV vitamin therapy works quickly.

Another major IV vitamin therapy benefit is that you may start to feel the effects of the treatment nearly instantly. Other vitamin-enriched medications and foods that are taken orally must go through the digestive system and can take some time to absorb into the body. Because IV vitamin therapy is performed intravenously, it goes directly into the bloodstream, which allows quick absorption of nutrients into the body.

Benefit #3: It can help contribute to healthy weight loss.

Losing weight can be challenging for anybody. But it can be especially more challenging for older adults to lose weight, as metabolisms start slowing and muscle mass starts reducing—even for those who remain physically active.

IV nutritional therapy can help with weight loss in a few ways:

Hydration: Hydration can be a huge factor in weight loss, as it helps boost your metabolism, suppresses appetite, and cleanses the body of toxins. See how our Quench IV Infusion could help you rehydrate, detox and restore essential vitamins.

Sleep: Lack of sleep has repeatedly been reported as a factor in weight gain. For some, even while staying strict to a diet and frequent exercise, lack of sleep was a major factor that prevented them from losing weight. Adults should get between 7–9 hours of sleep per night, depending on everyone’s needs.

Vitamin Absorption: As mentioned, when the body can absorb nutrients 100% through the bloodstream, it’s getting what it needs to perform at its best. When you’re able to recover quicker after a workout, the next session can start sooner, and you can push harder helping to speed up your metabolism and facilitate weight loss.

Benefit #4: It may help reduce the effects of aging.

IV vitamin therapy can also help with quenching skin from the inside out. At Drip City Lounge, we offer an IV kit called Inner Beauty, which is designed for just that: bringing out your skin’s natural glow, reducing wrinkles and making your skin look its most radiant. It’s packed with ascorbic acidB-complex vitamins and biotin—all essential nutrients for maintaining healthy skin and blood cells.

Benefit #5: It can be a good source for an energy boost.

Lack of energy can be caused by several things: low B12 levels, stress, lack of sleep, electrolyte imbalances and more. IV drips help combat these issues, as they are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients, which reduces the need to turn to other (often unhealthy) energy supplements like coffee, energy drinks, soda, etc. One major IV vitamin therapy benefit you may see is that it can help fight fatigue and improve circulation, improving your overall energy levels and metabolism.

Our Get-Up-And-Go IV Kit, which is specially designed to help boost your metabolism and restore energy.

To learn more about IV vitamin therapy benefits and what Drip City Lounge has to offer, contact us today!

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