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High Dose Vitamin C IV Infusion

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Experience the many benefits of High Dose Vitamin C IV infusions to your health and well-being. Our highest dose of vitamin C. Studies have shown that therapeutic intravenous doses of vitamin C may reduce toxins in the cells and reduce signs of aging. Vitamin C may also be helpful in preventing asthma, protecting against cancer, and supporting healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Key Nutrients

Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C):  Our High Dose Vitamin C IV infusion features a key nutrient and antioxidant that can prevent asthma, reduce inflammation, protect against cancer, support healthy blood sugar levels, build collagen, promote healthy adrenal gland function, lower blood pressure, and support healthy heart function.

Olympia Mineral Blend:  Promotes strong bone health, supports a healthy immune system, lowers stress, boosts heart health, supports healthy Thyroid, naturally treats anxiety, and supports mitochondria.